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We are an eco-friendly, locally owned company, dedicated to the management and preservation of trees in the Austin area, with an aim of keeping our city green and beautiful for generations to come.

We provide solutions to all your tree care needs in the Austin area. Whether you are concerned about oak wilt, mistletoe, ballmoss or simply pruning done on your trees, don't hesitate to call us
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Taking care of your trees extends the life of the tree, adds property value and increases safety for your home and or environment. The benefits of trees range from purifying our air, helping to medi...

TreeWeaver Arboriculture is owned and operated by ISA certified Arborists Dorian Davey and Jackson McIntosh and specialises in managing Austin's urban forest. TreeWeaver is a company with a strong influence on quality and high standards, where all the work is performed by both partners. There is no better way of ensuring quality control than being on site and doing the work yourself.

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